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  • Convert Default Cell To Multiline

    Convert a normal UITableViewCell of style UITableViewCellStyleDefault to a multiline cell. Go to your storyboard and select the underlying label in the cell. Open the Utilities section and change the number of lines to 0.

  • Clean Cocoapods Cache

    Issue with Cocoapods? Clean your cache via 1 $ pod cache clean --all

  • Top Level Functions In Ruby

    While working on Matasano crypto challenges, I reached a stage where I could reuse the functions I had written in previous exercises. So let’s suppose I had a function foo in 1.rb 1 2 3 def foo "foo" end I need the function foo in my second script named 2.rb...

  • Non Breaking Space For Html

      is used to create a non breaking (doesn’t insert a new line) space character in HTML.

  • Creating Footer For Jekyll

    I am updating this jekyll blog to a new theme. For the new theme, I had to update the footer to include links to my mail, github and twitter. What I really wanted was to just show the relevant icons and then link them to my accounts. Github and Twitter’s...