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  • Avoid Core Data

    I would suggest this to everybody who is writing an app, whose true data lies at some server instead of the app itself. Think of any app that needs internet connection. For example I will take the app I developed, Checkvistle. The true data was with Checkvist. The data could...

  • Iphone Screen Sizes And Devices

    3.5 inch 4, 4S Screen shot size: 640 × 920px portrait (without status bar) minimum 640 × 960px portrait (full screen) maximum 960 × 600px landscape (without status bar) minimum 960 × 640px landscape (full screen) maximum 4 inch 5, 5S Screen shot size: 640 × 1096px portrait (without status...

  • Convert Default Cell To Multiline

    Convert a normal UITableViewCell of style UITableViewCellStyleDefault to a multiline cell. Go to your storyboard and select the underlying label in the cell. Open the Utilities section and change the number of lines to 0.

  • Clean Cocoapods Cache

    Issue with Cocoapods? Clean your cache via 1$ pod cache clean --all

  • Top Level Functions In Ruby

    While working on Matasano crypto challenges, I reached a stage where I could reuse the functions I had written in previous exercises. So let’s suppose I had a function foo in 1.rb 1 2 3def foo "foo" end I need the function foo in my second script named 2.rb 1...